Canadiens continue to look legit, best Blues


One can imagine a critic saying “Sure, the Montreal Canadiens look hot, but can they beat one of the West’s best teams?”

They answered that question with an emphatic “Yes” on Tuesday, beating the St. Louis Blues by a score of 3-0.

This was already the best start in Montreal’s richly storied history, yet this raised the bar higher, as they’re now 7-0-0.

As Jason Brough and Mike Halford discuss in the video above this post, the Canadiens have been about more than just Carey Price being Carey Price. They generally stood toe-to-toe with St. Louis possession-wise, not an easy task against one of the league’s more relentless squads.

This Alexander Semin goal also ventures the question: “What if Montreal’s supporting cast can get it going?”

Now … as much as Montreal’s not just about Price, he’s still red-hot.

Price dazzled with a 38-save shutout; he’s now allowed just one goal in his past three games. He also owns six of Montreal’s seven wins.

Yep, they sure look hot, but let’s not forget that it’s merely October. If any team can remind the Habs that early success doesn’t guarantee playoff glory, it’s the (very good) team Montreal beat tonight.