Lame Ducks: Colorado blanks winless Anaheim


No matter what, one of Patrick Roy or Bruce Boudreau would get a win in response to their biting criticisms.

As it turns out, only one probably feels like he received a response at all.

The Colorado Avalanche blanked the Anaheim Ducks 3-0 on Friday, and while an empty-netter inflated the score, the silence of Anaheim’s offense is still deafening.

OK, maybe that’s a little unfair. On paper, the Ducks at least showed some effort tonight, generating a 35-25 shot differential.

Some of that came from getting five (obviously unsuccessful) power play opportunities to just two for Colorado, but most people won’t be that interested in those numbers. Even if quite a few of them paint a prettier picture for the Ducks.

Nope, they’ll instead focus on Anaheim’s lack of wins.

They’ll probably also show concern over a number so bad it almost feels imaginary.

In four games to start this season, the Ducks have scored a single goal.

Much like another struggling team out in Columbus, you have to wonder: what can you really say in times like these (beyond something like “it’s still early”).

Boudreau’s more positive tonight, at least:

Fans might already be getting antsy, however.

Also: The Ducks lost defenseman Simon Despres to an upper-body injury.