Another McGinn is in the NHL (and Brock already scored)

The McGinn brood is churning out hockey players in a way that compares to the Staal family, although their boys tend to fall in the “depth” range.

(In other words, the Staal family probably enjoys fancier Thanksgiving dinners.)

Regardless, it’s a fun story on Friday, as Brock McGinn looks likely to play for the Carolina Hurricanes against the Detroit Red Wings.

As a reminder, his brothers Tye and Jamie have already made their marks in the NHL.

… Actually, this story becomes circular – and maybe advances an argument against that “depth” comment – as the Raleigh News & Observer reports that Brock will begin his career with Eric Staal.

“It’s an exciting moment for me,” McGinn said. “You dream of this moment growing up playing hockey and for sure it’s a special moment for me and my family, just to get this opportunity. I want to come up here and play the best I can and run with it.”

Carolina could use a shot in the arm, so Brock will likely get a real chance to stick around if he makes the most of this opportunity.

Update: Sheesh, the kid didn’t take long. He scored his first NHL goal on his first shift in his first game. You can see it at the top of this post.

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