Getting there: Marchand takes contact in Bruins practice


Call it a promising step forward, but don’t leap to Brad Marchand playing on Saturday just yet.

Marchand managed to take contact* in Boston Bruins practice on Friday, yet he was quick to note that he still must go through concussion protocol. Head coach Claude Julien also noted that the decision for him to play (or not) likely boils down to doctors’ opinions.

The Bruins responded to their slow start with a big 6-2 win against Colorado on Wednesday. Still, the Arizona Coyotes are pretty hot to begin the season, so the B’s would prefer to get their prolific pest back into the mix.

That said, if any team knows the risks of concussions and how touch-and-go recoveries can be, it’s the Bruins. They’re wise to take the prudent route, as challenging as being patient can be.

* – Yes, it’s tempting to make bad Jodie Foster jokes.

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