Bruins chase Varlamov, win first game of 2015-16


One strong outing doesn’t signify that the Bruins are out of the woods yet – and this one’s not even over – but this was the type of response fans were clamoring for.

There are a few minutes left in the second period, yet Boston already hammered five goals home against the Avalanche, chasing Semyon Varlamov from Colorado’s net.

Every scorer registered his first tally of the season in the process, with Jimmy Hayes standing out thanks to a one-goal, two-assist night (and counting?).

Again, the video above still applies; the Bruins still have some problems to work out.

This may be a reminder that there are still some useful pieces on this roster, however.

Update: The Bruins didn’t struggle with that lead, ultimately winning 6-2.

Patrick Roy was … not happy.