Close, but no cigar for Leafs in Babcock’s debut


Nobody said it would be easy for Mike Babcock and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Through one game of this expensive marriage, the Maple Leafs looked competitive against the Montreal Canadiens, yet they ultimately lost 3-1 (with Max Pacioretty‘s empty-netter inflating the difference).

One wonders if Phil Kessel supporters may feel a little vindicated by the stream of reactions that seem to indicate that Toronto played well … but lacked finish.

That seemed to be the theme from members of the Maple Leafs:

While media members and/or fans echoed similar sentiments:

Even Pacioretty – who scored two goals, while P.K. Subban assisted on all three Montreal scores – seemed impressed by the Buds’ efforts.

Sports – not just hockey – show over and over again that it’s often extremely foolish to believe that the first game of a season tells you anything more than “this happened in a single contest.”

Many seem to think this “close, but not good enough” recap might just be the template for Toronto in year one of the Babcock era, however.