Stamkos’ latest thoughts on Lightning’s cap, contract talks


Steven Stamkos gets it.

He knows the Tampa Bay Lightning’s cap situation is tricky, and he knows that people will speculate about his future … a lot.

The Tampa Bay Tribune’s Joe Smith managed to get a relatively hefty amount of insights from Stamkos, though the high-scorer only really leaves us with nuggets.

The full article, as meaty as it is, is worth a read, but let’s fry it down to the basics:

On the Lightning’s cap situation: Stamkos says he “understands it” and “that’s why it’s a process.”


On Tampa Bay itself: Stamkos opines that the area started out as “a great place to live, not necessarily a great place to be an NHL hockey player,” but now it’s a “top-five” place by both measures.

(One can just imagine Maple Leafs fans yelling, “But Toronto is No. 1, right?”)

Real estate speculation: Apparently he’s been staying in the same spot for the last seven years:

“Still in the same place,” Stamkos said. “Obviously have to see what’s going to happen with the negotiations. But the same place.”

He has a 100-lb. dog named Trigger: Crucial stuff.

Even Stamkos knows that people are going to make mountains out of molehills, so have at it.

Just note: the speculation isn’t likely to die down soon, something Stamkos probably realizes.