More on Blackhawks waiving Bickell


The Chicago Blackhawks’ decision to waive Bryan Bickell raised some eyebrows, but there could be more twists and turns ahead.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun provides the biggest helping of interesting updates, stating that:

  • Bickell might not go to the AHL if he’s waived; instead, the ‘Hawks may just be sending him a “wake-up call.”
  • This might be a heavy-handed way of sending a wake-up call to the NHL’s other 29 GMs, instead. By putting him on waivers, the Blackhawks may get a better read on who might be interested in a swap, albeit one that would probably not involve taking on the full brunt of Bickell’s regrettable contract.

Get this: there could be even more intrigue, as his bout with vertigo could also be relevant to the discussion:

Does anyone else think it’s a little harsh to say “snap out of it” to a guy experiencing health problems? No? Maybe?

At least one of Bickell’s teammates hopes that this all blows over:

Simply put, managing the salary cap isn’t always pretty, and sometimes feelings will get hurt.