Habs, Pens broke in Quebec City’s Videotron Centre


It’s unclear if Quebec City’s Videotron Centre will eventually play host to an NHL team of its own – we may know more about that later on today, though not necessarily decisively – but fans enjoyed an appetizer on Monday.

The Montreal Canadiens “hosted” the Pittsburgh Penguins last night, and while they didn’t seem to enjoy much of a home-ice advantage, they won 4-1.

That’s not really the point, though. This was all about giving the arena a test-run, and provide the intriguing atmosphere of Montreal playing in Quebec as an added bonus.

Let’s take a look at different viewpoints from last night’s proceedings, including people mocking the name Videotron Centre (sadly without evoking “Tron” or “Videodrome”).

The building isn’t the only make-or-break factor for expansion, of course.