Bodog provides odds for NHL team wins, which is weird


Maybe 3-on-3 OT will help shake this outlook, but it’s often tough to think about NHL seasons through the lens of wins.

It’s probably not even about the “charity point,” as ties threw things off before the shootout was ever instituted.

Anyway, long story short, it’s likely fair to say that the hockey world thinks about standings through points, not wins.

Pondering that standings category alone is something of a change of pace, and Bodog put out odds for the 2015-16 season, which Puck Daddy handily condensed into a list.

Anaheim Ducks

Over/Under 49½

Arizona Coyotes

Over/Under 27½

Boston Bruins

Over/Under 42½

Buffalo Sabres

Over/Under 28½

Calgary Flames

Over/Under 41½

Carolina Hurricanes

Over/Under 30

Chicago Blackhawks

Over/Under 47½

Colorado Avalanche

Over/Under 38½

Columbus Blue Jackets

Over/Under 45

Dallas Stars

Over/Under 43½

Detroit Red Wings

Over/Under 42½

Edmonton Oilers

Over/Under 37½

Florida Panthers

Over/Under 36½

Los Angeles Kings

Over/Under 45½

Minnesota Wild

Over/Under 44

Montreal Canadiens

Over/Under 44½

Nashville Predators

Over/Under 42

New Jersey Devils

Over/Under 28½

New York Islanders

Over/Under 45

New York Rangers

Over/Under 46½

Ottawa Senators

Over/Under 40½

Philadelphia Flyers

Over/Under 37½

Pittsburgh Penguins

Over/Under 47½

San Jose Sharks

Over/Under 42½

St Louis Blues

Over/Under 45½

Tampa Bay Lightning

Over/Under 48½

Toronto Maple Leafs

Over/Under 32½

Vancouver Canucks

Over/Under 40½

Washington Capitals

Over/Under 45½

Winnipeg Jets

Over/Under 40½

Again, considering wins alone is an odd yet refreshing change of pace, isn’t it?

What are some of the best bets? (Winnipeg, Buffalo and Florida seem interesting at a quick glance.)

Side note: in a lot of ways, Bodog’s win total odds largely parallel Bovada’s look at teams most likely to make the playoffs.