Erie County D.A. says evidence in Kane case ‘not tampered with’


Erie County district attorney Frank Sedita today refuted allegations of evidence-tampering in the Patrick Kane sexual assault case.

“The forensic evidence in this case was not tampered with, nor was it compromised,” Sedita said.

“We believe the complainant’s mother has carried out an elaborate hoax.”

In a detailed presentation to reporters, Sedita said that the brown paper bag that was displayed during Wednesday’s press conference by the accuser’s former lawyer, Thomas Eoannou, never contained the rape kit.

“A rape kit is a box,” said Sedita. “It is not a bag. Nor does it require a bag.”

Sedita said that the bag that Eoannou displayed Wednesday had been provided by a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) on August 2 and given to the accuser’s mother. The SANE, according to Sedita, had requested that the accuser’s mother place the accuser’s “top” in the bag “for later collection by the police.”

Sedita said that the “last person seen with the brown paper bag” on August 2 “is the same person who purportedly discovered the brown paper bag” on Tuesday. “That being the complainant’s mother.”

Sedita would not speculate on the mother’s motive for her actions. He did not believe that charges would be filed against the mother, as “it is not a crime in the state of New York to make fraudulent representations to a private party,” i.e. by the mother to Eoannou.

Sedita did not know if the accuser knew of her mother’s actions.

Sedita said that the rape investigation is ongoing and that there’s no timetable for its completion.

“The question in my mind is not when this case will go to a grand jury, it’s if this case will go to a grand jury,” he said.

“I have never seen anything like this,” he added.

The following are screen shots of slides used today by Sedita:

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