Court rejects bid requesting $150K in spousal support from Duncan Keith


Duncan Keith‘s off-ice situation has been a difficult one, but for the moment, it could have been more expensive.

The B.C. Supreme Court rejected an interim bid made by Kelly Keith which would have required Duncan Keith to pay monthly fees including $150K in spousal support and about $69K in child support, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Instead, the temporary decision will require the Chicago Blackhawks defenseman to pay $45K in spousal support and $15K in child support (plus mortgage/expense payments) each month. It’s not necessarily the permanent situation, however.

Duncan Keith had previously been giving Kelly $20K per month (including $10K for mortgage and other expenses).

The current indication is that the couple is considered separated.

Here’s more information from the Vancouver Sun about B.C. Supreme Court Justice George MacIntosh’s decision:

MacIntosh added in his oral ruling that there is “some solace” that his interim decisions are intended for a relatively short period, and are capable of being substantially reworked when all the facts are known at trial or in final settlement.

Duncan Keith shared his thoughts about the situation (and rumors surrounding it) shortly after winning his third Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks.