Update: Canucks’ Higgins fractured bone in foot

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Vancouver Canucks forward Chris Higgins was walking around in a boot today for a reason: it turns out he fractured a bone in that right foot.

The team provided an update: he’ll be re-evaluated in three weeks, which then places that span as the minimum amount of time he’d miss.

It’s a shame that the 32-year-old will limp into the 2015-16 season, yet the timing could be worse.

Even if he makes the typical premature hockey player return, this injury should sideline him for long enough that the Canucks can take a longer look at replacement options. Rather than Higgins getting his reps, Vancouver receives more time to adjust.

This also gives management a partial preview of what the roster may look like without Higgins, which is relevant if they opt to trade him at some point.

It’s obviously not the best news for Higgins, but he at least has (a little) less incentive to come back too soon.