Welcome to the new-look PHT


So you clicked on the site today, and probably reacted something like this:

So I’m here to tell you that hey, it’s alright. Everything is going to be OK.

What you’re looking at is part of the NBCSports.com redesign, which went live this morning. It’s a pretty big and exciting endeavor — the site’s now more mobile-friendly, we’ve got a hockey-specific scoreboard on PHT and you can access all the live streams directly from our stories.

Change is a good thing. Promise.

In the past, commenters have specifically complained about mobile functionality, which is no longer an issue. The redesign features an adaptable, responsive layout for four different screen sizes (desktop, tablet portrait and landscape, mobile devices), making for an optimal experience for all devices. At this point you could probably view PHT on a Lite-Brite.

There’s also going to be much more continuity between our content and live streams.

All the games shown on NBCSports.com — including the Wednesday Night Rivalries, Winter Classic, Stanley Cup Playoffs, etc. — will be streamlined and integrated onto PHT, featuring a site-wide live streaming schedule, direct links, and a TV listings component with fixed scrolling position.

The scoreboard is a big addition, too. We’ll now feature a ticker with team- and sport-focused imagery, optimized across desktop and tablets.

There are a bunch of other cool features as well, including infinite scrolling (scroll ’til the end of time! Try it!) and a “story explorer” which makes browsing through related content faster, and easier. Best of all, there’s a drop-down menu (just below the scorebard, to the right of where it says “Pro Hockey Talk”) that lets you sort news by team.

Finally, to answer the most pressing concern — yes, the comments section will remain, meaning Philadelphia and Pittsburgh fans can continue calling each other names and spiking each others’ water supplies.

For the full release about NBCSports.com’s redesign and a full list of new features, click here.

And remember, everything is gonna be OK.