Ex-NHLer Peat pleads guilty to arson


Former Washington Capital Stephen Peat, who was arrested in March for arson, pleaded guilty to charges of arson by negligence on Wednesday morning, stemming from an incident at his father’s house.

Details, per The Province:

The homeowner, Walter Peat, was in bed when the fire started but managed to escape. A basement suite tenant was not home at the time.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze, but the house and vehicles in the driveway were severely damaged.

Police were called to investigate the fire because a passerby saw a man lighting the fire and tried unsuccessfully to stop him.

Investigators learned that there was a “domestic dispute” between Walter and Stephen Peat which began that the afternoon and was renewed later in the evening.

A pre-sentence report was ordered for Peat, with sentencing scheduled for Nov. 18. The maximum sentence for arson by negligence is five years in prison.