Poll: What to expect from the Dallas Stars


Forecasting the way NHL seasons will play out is almost as much of a fool’s errand as, well, forecasting the weather.

Even so, there are certain teams who feel like “rain in Seattle”-type locks. One way or another, the Colorado Avalanche are expected to produce cringe-worthy possession stats. Even with some significant losses, many will predict that the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks will hog the puck.

What do we make of the Dallas Stars?

Few doubted their offense in 2014-15, yet that explosive group stands as a great chance of being even scarier next season.

However you feel about the value of Dallas’ $10.4 million goalie duo, it’s easy to predict better results than the shaky work from before.

The defense is the real wild card, as there are so many young pieces that a huge improvement isn’t that outrageous to ponder, especially if Lindy Ruff’s decades of experience pay off.

One might reasonably pencil them in for a playoff berth – maybe? – but they’re suddenly spending like a contender. What kind of outcome do you expect from this team?