Still unsigned, Briere contemplating retirement


Could this be it for Daniel Briere?

The 37-year-old, who’s played for three teams over the last three years and struggled with Colorado last season, sounds as though he’s on the fence about returning for an 18th NHL campaign.

More, from ESPN:

“I’ll have to start thinking about it more and more in the next couple of weeks,” he admitted.

Can Briere commit to the rigors of not just the season but preparing for it?

“That’s kind of the big question: Can I imagine committing to it?” he said.

“If I decide to play, I have to commit to full out training. I’m working out and I’m staying in good shape as of right now. But if I decide to play, I’ve got about two months left to really take it to the next level to be ready for next season.”

Briere does have a wealth of playoff success — 116 points in 124 games — and that could entice a team looking for veteran experience, especially in the postseason.

At the same time, his production has declined steadily over the last few seasons and he was a frequent healthy scratch with the Avs.