Soderberg didn’t hesitate in signing with Avs


If it seemed like things moved very quickly between the Colorado Avalanche and Carl Soderberg this offseason, that wasn’t an accident.

The former Boston Bruins forward told the Denver Post that he didn’t really want to deal with the process of being a free agent, which explains the quick turnover between being traded and signing a five-year, $23.75 million deal.

“I was waiting for Boston to come back to me,” Soderberg said in a phone interview from Sweden. “When they didn’t have room for me, my agent told me Colorado was interested in me. There was no doubt for me. Colorado is a great hockey club. I said go ahead, and then everything went really fast.”

Then again, when you consider the circumstances, the 29-year-old probably would have been foolish to drag his feet.

Most obviously, it’s a significant raise for a player – valuable or not – who hasn’t racked up crazy offensive numbers thus far.

The on-ice situation seems pretty positive for the Swede, too. While it’s worth noting that line changes come fast and furious in many situations, Soderberg’s penciled into an enviable situation as the center of a line that features Gabriel Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon. (He called the assignment “inspiring.”)

Honestly, it’s tough to imagine his situation getting any better than this, but we’ll have to see if the happiness and excitement lasts.