Coyotes bring back Vermette with two-year deal


Antoine Vermette got his Stanley Cup. Now he’s coming back to the desert.

Mere months after a trade to the Chicago Blackhawks that netted a first-rounder, the 32-year-old returns to the Arizona Coyotes. The contract is for two years with a cap hit of $3.75 million (according to sources including TSN’s Bob McKenzie), which amounts to $7.5 million overall.

Remarkably, Vermette’s cap hit is identical to his previous contract’s mark, although the term is smaller.

Considering the hype that the pivot drew around trade deadline time, this has to be at least a bit of a disappointment money-wise. Then again, Vermette was an occasional healthy scratch for Chicago, so his value likely shrank even with some big playoff game-winning goals taken into account.

On the other hand, it’s still certainly a comfortable living, and he gets to return to a familiar place. One imagines that it’s an ideal situation for his family, which has to be relevant considering that he joined the Coyotes back in 2011-12.

This detail certainly adds to the “home sweet home” feel.

The Coyotes had some money to burn and Vermette gets some security (not to mention a heightened role vs. the bit part he played with Chicago). That seems like a positive deal for all involved.

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