Brad Richards isn’t ruling out returning to Chicago


When you’re set for life as far as money goes, why not strive for glory?

All this time, with well-documented belt-tightening coming for the Chicago Blackhawks, the assumption was that Brad Richards would be among those out the door. Not so fast, though.

The 35-year-old told that it’s not out of the question for another run, even if it means taking less than he might receive in the free agent market.

“I haven’t talked about anything. My attitude is, everything’s wide open now,” Richards said. “I know the situation here. I knew it before I signed here. But obviously it was an amazing year. So if they want to discuss something I’m obviously going to discuss it.”

After being bought out by the New York Rangers last summer, Richards took a below-market $2 million to chase his second Stanley Cup ring with Chicago. It sounds like he’d at least discuss doing something similar, even if the parameters of the deal might be different.

The expectations may be a little different, too.

Richards enjoyed a sheltered role with Chicago in 2014-15, beginning almost 70 percent of his shifts in the offensive zone, and that would likely continue to some degree. With some supporting cast members likely out, patience might be a little thinner if his production would come and go once again.

Take a look at his monthly output from last season:

October: four points in 10 games
November: 12 points in 14 games
December: three points in 10 games
January: 10 points in 13 games
February: three points in 13 games
March: four points in 13 games
April (before playoffs): one point in three games

In the hypothetical situation of a Richards return, he may feel a little more heat if his numbers are similarly erratic.

Either way, Richards believes he made the right choice, as the Chicago Sun-Times notes.

“I got everything I wanted and more,” Richards said. “I’ll never forget. No matter what happens, where I go, the Chicago Blackhawks are part of my heart forever. … Could have been just a quick stop. But now, I’ll enjoy coming back to this city forever.”