No timetable for Alfredsson, but he has interest in coaching


Daniel Alfredsson has talked to the Ottawa Senators about the possibility of joining their front office. He also watched some games with Senators GM Bryan Murray and visited the front office following his retirement to learn the ropes. However, when it comes time to determine what his next role will be in the NHL, he might end up going the coaching route instead.

“I really enjoyed coaching the boys and it was a big learning curve for me as well,” Alfredsson told the Ottawa Sun. “You know it’s easy when you see things on the ice, ‘Just do this’ but you have to be able to explain it to eight year-olds or 12 year-olds in a way they might understand it and I really enjoy that. It’s challenging, and I’m learning a lot from it too. I think I’m helping the kids become better and thinking in a different way than maybe I have with other coaches.”

He knows he wants to get back into the league at some point, but he’s not putting a timetable on it. For his part though, Murray isn’t expecting Alfredsson to make his decision before the start of the 2015-16 campaign.

In the meantime, Alfredsson will be in Las Vegas for the NHL Awards. He’ll present one of them and while he doesn’t have the details yet, his ideal would be to end up giving the Calder Trophy to finalist Mark Stone.