Bissonnette: ‘I dealt with a bit of depression at the start of the year’


Paul Bissonnette, a veteran of 202 games in the National Hockey League, is now on the hunt for a Calder Cup championship with the Manchester Monarchs.

The final series, between the Monarchs and Utica Comets, minor-league affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks, begins Saturday. Bissonnette has that to look forward to, however at the start of the season, he was without a job, before eventually signing an AHL deal with Portland.

He didn’t last long there — only eight games — before gaining employment with the Monarchs.

However, he admitted in a lengthy and candid interview with TSN 1040 radio on Friday, when asked about his plans for the future outside of hockey, to suffering from “a little bit of depression at the start of the year” prior to signing with a team.

He then expanded on his personal battle, but said it was not related to his history with fighting.

“It’s weird. I’ve never dealt with it before but it’s amazing what the mind can do to the body,” he said.

“I’m sure people have dealt with way worse cases. But I actually reached out to the NHL doctors. I was doing regular training … and it just seemed like I was really sore, it’s like I ran a marathon. I couldn’t get off the couch. I was kind of curled up in a ball.”