Foley moves company to Vegas, hopes NHL sees him as ‘local owner’


Bill Foley is hoping the relocation of his company, Fidelity National, from Florida to the Las Vegas area will help his chances of landing an NHL franchise.

“I know the league wants to have local ownership,” Foley told KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, “and now I’m here. I am going to be a local owner. I’m going to be involved in the community. We’re helping local charities as part of our hockey endeavor. We’re going to be embedded in this community.”

It’s possible the NHL could announce the start of a formal expansion process in June, when the board of governors just so happens to be in Las Vegas for meetings.

Foley is “hopeful” he’ll be granted a franchise by the fall.

“What the league has been telling us is, ‘You’ve done a great job. Keep it up, keep it up,'” he said.