What’s wrong with Lundqvist?



You don’t often see Henrik Lundqvist this dejected. Then again, you don’t often see the New York Rangers’ franchise netminder allow 12 goals in two very important games.

If you ask former NHL goalie Brian Boucher, the Tampa Bay Lightning are making Lundqvist look human. Watch as he breaks down which of Tampa’s six goals from Game 3 might have been on him, and which ones may have come down to bad luck:

At the end of that video, you can see a dejected Lundqvist talk about the overtime game-winner and his struggles in general. One could argue that he’s rattled … or at least exhausted.

(Of course, it’s interesting to note that Ben Bishop’s more or less gotten off the hook after looking shaky in his own right in Game 3.)

As Lundqvist notes, it’s on him and his team. As this video dictates, the Rangers have gotten away from the disciplined style that got them this far:

It’s uncommon for the Rangers to give up so many chances, but on the bright side, New York was in Game 3 and has certainly been in bigger binds than this (you only need to look one round back to see that a 3-1 series deficit won’t buckle them). Will it be easy? Not necessarily, but don’t count Lundqvist & Co. out just yet.