Report: Coyotes-Glendale relationship on the rocks



Senior elected city officials in Glendale, Arizona, say they are exploring whether legal grounds exist for them to void an arena management contract with the Arizona Coyotes, an agreement that calls for taxpayers to contribute $15 million per year over 15 years to the flagging NHL club.

That’s the first paragraph of a lengthy piece by sports business reporter Rick Westhead, which — yet again — will have everyone wondering about the future of the Coyotes in Glendale.

The allegations in the piece range from breach of contract to under-reporting of income, while Glendale’s mayor, Jerry Weiers, even complains he can’t get a meeting with new majority owner Andrew Barroway.

Westhead goes on to cite “sports investment bankers and four senior NHL sources, including one NHL team owner” as saying “there’s a widespread belief among NHL executives that the Coyotes are doomed in Glendale.”

One unidentified NHL owner believes the Coyotes will end up in Las Vegas.

“I could see them moving the Coyotes there when the new arena is done,” the owner said.


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