(Video) PHT Extra: Should the NHL be worried about goal-scoring?


Yep, a bit of a theme today on PHT. We had our poll this morning, in which around 60 percent of readers felt the league needed to address the decrease in scoring.

A few quotes to consider while watching the video below:

“Fire all the goaltending coaches, and maybe things will get better.” — Jon Cooper

“If the goalies [are] getting bigger then the net is getting smaller. By refusing to change you are changing. Purists would say you can’t [make the nets bigger] because you’re changing the game, but by not changing you are changing the game.” — Mike Babcock

“There are no major announcements or major changes. There will be some recommendations, some things people will look at, there will be some more homework done, but you should continue to enjoy the game principally the way it’s being played.” — Gary Bettman