Poll: Would you like to see more scoring in the NHL?


Since we all know Gary Bettman won’t push for any changes unless it’s preceded by feedback from the fans (see: here and here), we’re giving you a chance now to voice your opinion about the rate of scoring in the NHL.

Maybe it’s not a problem for you; maybe it is. But before you vote, consider a few things:

— As noted by TSN’s Scott Cullen, “There have been 55 games played so far in the 2015 NHL Playoffs, and 22 of those games (40%) have had three goals or fewer. In fact, 14 of the games (25.4%) were decided by an exact 2-1 score, including both games Wednesday night.”

— The Washington Capitals are averaging 2.09 goals per game in the playoffs. They’re 7-4.

— The Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers, despite making it to the second round, have each averaged just 1.78 goals per game in the playoffs.

— We just wrapped up a regular season where the NHL’s leading scorer had 87 points and the league’s top-scoring team averaged 3.16 goals per game. Thirty years ago, those numbers were 208 and 5.01. The season after the 04-05 lockout, they were 125 and 3.80.

OK, time to vote:

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