NHL hockey ops explains no-goal call


It didn’t end up hurting the Flames, but the goal they thought they’d scored last night versus Anaheim was still a controversial one, in the sense that some fans couldn’t understand why it was not a goal.

The official explanation at the time was that the video review was “inconclusive.”

Today, the NHL’s director of hockey ops, Colin Campbell, expanded on that, explaining specifically why this view…


…was not a conclusive one.

“It’s like a horse race — you can’t stand ten feet ahead of the finish line and determine who won a close race — you have to be standing along the finish line,” Campbell told the Calgary Sun.

“Also, don’t forget this — the goal line is painted one-and-a-half inches below the ice. So you can put the puck on the goal line and stand ten feet back and see white ice underneath it. The puck could also be in the air.”