Some question Tampa Bay for scratching Drouin again

If the Tampa Bay Lightning get bumped from the playoffs after struggling to score against the Detroit Red Wings in Game 6, many might linger on Jonathan Drouin being a healthy scratch once again.

The third pick of the 2013 NHL Draft sits at one game played in this series, and it wasn’t pretty. He was a -2 in Game 4 and received just 8:42 of ice time.

That argues for a lack of trust at this point from head coach Jon Cooper, although perhaps some could point to circumstance a bit.

Still, many wonder if the skilled playmaker might help the Lightning get over the hump. Here are a few arguments in that regard.

Tyler Johnson put the Lightning ahead early with a nice burst of speed, so it might be a moot point. Still, make a note of these doubts if things go sour for the Bolts.

(Whether those criticisms are fair or not, they’re there.)

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