The Preds are reeling, and Laviolette’s frustrated


The Nashville Predators lost their fifth straight game on Thursday, and are now 6-11-3 in their last 20. For a team headed back to the playoffs for the first time in three years, that’s a troubling development — and a “frustrating” one too, based on what head coach Peter Laviolette had to say last night.

An excerpt of his postgame presser…

Laviolette: We cruised for 35 minutes. It was not good enough. You’re trying to win a hockey game in the last 20 [minutes], you need to play a full 60.

Q: How frustrating is that?

Laviolette: It’s frustrating.

Q: Is there any single thing that you can pinpoint…

Laviolette: I just did.

Q: How surprising is it — as well as this team has played all year — to have a stretch like this now?

Laviolette: It’s frustrating.

Q: Is it surprising, though? I wouldn’t have suspected you saw something like this coming during the course of the season.

Laviolette: No. I don’t think anybody did.

Here’s the video. The excerpted portion begins around the 1:00 minute mark and Laviolette’s replies are curt, to say the least.

It’s easy to see why Laviolette’s frustrated. Even the lone positive takeaway from last night’s game — Nashville clinching home-ice advantage in the opening playoff round — was tempered by the club’s recent poor form; Nashville started the season 26-3-1 at Bridgestone Arena, but finished 2-6-3.

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