McDavid offers encouraging words for Maple Leafs fans


Which team will call Connor McDavid’s name on draft day, we still don’t know.

You can understand the hype that would accompany the Toronto Maple Leafs, having endured this nightmare season, winning the draft lottery despite a 9.5 per cent chance as it stands right now, attaining the No. 1 overall pick and selecting McDavid, who is from Newmarket, Ont.

He’s a coveted player, for obvious reasons. The Sabres, dead last in the NHL, would certainly love to add him — “I watch him too much and I think too much about him,” Buffalo’s GM Tim Murray said recently. “I wish I could help myself.”

There’s the possibility he goes to the Arizona Coyotes, two points up on Buffalo for dead last.

Who takes McDavid remains to be seen, although he offered a word of encouragement for Leafs fans suffering through all this losing, and with the draft lottery just a few weeks away.

“The Leafs fans are some of the most passionate fans in the world,” McDavid told the Toronto Sun.

“They’re obviously not enjoying the experience of all the losing. But if there is some benefit to the losing they are going to get a very very good player and, whether that’s whoever, it doesn’t matter. The draft is so deep this year. So I’m sure Leaf fans are going to be pretty excited.”