Huh? HHOF adds Rob Ford to Board of Directors


One could argue that a Hall of Fame courts controversy by nature, to some extent, as “snubs” become an annual topic. By that logic, perhaps it makes sense that the Hockey Hall of Fame is adding controversial Toronto politician Rob Ford to its Board of Directors.

Here’s a quick rundown from The Canadian Press:

Museum spokesman Kelly Masse says that Ford was elected to the board for the first time at a member’s meeting on March 25.

Masse says Ford won’t be on the committee that selects inductees to the Hall of Fame.

Ford, 45, notes that he’s obsessed with hockey and has season tickets for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

This is a pretty strange choice, but at least it provides (disapproving) hockey fans with a go-to joke.

“Even [insert player you believe shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame] thinks that Rob Ford shouldn’t be anywhere near the Hockey Hall of Fame.”

Sportsnet’s Damien Cox went on a mini-rant about this decision. Here are a few choice tweets from that tirade:


Does anyone have a decidedly positive take on this choice? Feel free to share it.