Sabres GM Tim Murray: ‘I think too much about’ McDavid


The Buffalo Sabres are firmly entrenched in 30th place in the NHL, which means that barring a last minute surge by the club, they will finish the season with a 20% chance of winning the NHL draft lottery.

Sabres GM Tim Murray will have to wait until April 18th to find out if he’ll get the first overall pick and with it the opportunity to draft Connor McDavid. In the meantime, he’s not being subtle about his views on the potential franchise cornerstone.

“I watch him too much and I think too much about him,” Murray told the New York Times. “I wish I could help myself.”

Well they say the first step is admitting that you have a problem.

Murray described this as being a tough season, but stood by his decision to trade away many of Buffalo’s top players in the interest of building towards the future.

“This guy I call our franchise-changing player,” he added, once again referring to McDavid.

Of course, the big benefit of finishing dead last in the league this year is that even if you lose the draft, you can’t slip any lower than second. That’s critical as the census number two pick, Jack Eichel, is seen as a potential superstar in his own right.


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