Hextall insists he’s ‘on the same page’ with Snider


We wrote yesterday about Flyers owner Ed Snider, and how he bristled at the notion of staying patient with a team that had players like Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds, and Steve Mason under contract.

While we didn’t suggest that Snider and GM Ron Hextall were on different pages when it came to returning the Flyers to the ranks of Stanley Cup contenders, the owner’s remarks did have the Philadelphia media wondering enough to ask Hextall what he thought of them.

“I agree with him 100 percent,” Hextall replied, per CSN Philly. “We are going to remain patient when it comes to drafting and developing young players and keeping as many of our picks as possible. We are also trying to get better every day whether it’s trades or if we get in the free agent market.

“I have no idea right now whether we will or not, but if we can do it, we will. The one thing that is not going to change is we are going to try to win as much as we can. That’s what pro sports is all about. Without giving away the young players or draft picks.

“We are on the same page. He’s been great. He has supported me 100 percent. Holmgren has supported 100 percent. We are all thinking the same way and going the same direction.”

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