If not for move to Brooklyn, ‘good chance’ Vanek would still be with Isles


Not sure what Thomas Vanek has against Brooklyn, but apparently the Islanders’ decision to move there next season was a big factor in his decision to reject the “substantial” offer that was reportedly made by the club.

“It was close in February [2014] and I thought about it long and hard,” Vanek said today, per NHL.com. “There was two factors; I made a choice that I really wanted to go to free agency. But after being here for a while I loved it here.

“The one thing I didn’t like was the move to Brooklyn. I think if the rink would have been built here, it should be here on the island. There was probably a good chance I still would be here.”

Vanek, of course, eventually signed as a free agent in Minnesota, where most observers always figured he would.

But it’s interesting that he saw Brooklyn as a negative. Wasn’t the move to the new rink in the “hip” borough supposed to help the Isles recruit players, not hurt them?