Much like Derrick Rose, Chicago sports fans now have a ‘shrine’ for Patrick Kane


Chicago sports fans are creating quite a sardonic tradition with their “vigils” for injured players.

Blackhawks devotees were the latest to offer a hopeful tribute to heal up Patrick Kane’s clavicle, and it’s quite the sight, as you can see via Dan Marmaduke (by way of and FTW):


The depiction is pretty great, and the random Kane-related paraphernalia really seals the deal.

The question is if it tops the vigil that Bulls fans set up for Derrick Rose. This thing is pretty phenomenal in its own right:

Hate to say it to especially rabid hockey fans, but the Rose one might get the slight edge. Then again, considering how many times the point guard has been injured, an exorcism might be a little more appropriate for him.

Here’s hoping a Cubs-related vigil incorporates ivy from Wrigley Field’s wall, by the way.