Report: Goalie coach Reese leaves Flyers after ‘simmering relationship’ with management boils over


There was surprise Friday when the Philadelphia Flyers suddenly announced goalie Jeff Reese was no longer with the organization.

But, according to a report from the Philadelphia Daily News, there appears to have been an issue between Reese and the Flyers about how Steve Mason, having just had a small tear in his meniscus repaired, was inserted back into action during a game against the Toronto Maple Leafs last month.

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

The truth is, Reese’s simmering relationship with the Flyers’ front office bubbled over beginning with Feb. 26’s game in Toronto when Mason was summoned off the bench.

According to multiple sources, Reese was peeved that Mason relieved starter Rob Zepp after two goals, since Mason was told that day he would not play unless Zepp sustained serious injury.

Sources said Mason was given that word by the team, asking him to suit up because the team had salary cap issues and could not afford another backup goaltender for the game.

Mason’s win-loss record stands at 13-13-8, but he has the fifth best save percentage in the league at .926 and ninth best goals-against average at 2.24.