One NHL GM thinks it’s ‘ridiculous’ how much ‘heat’ Chiarelli is taking


Peter Chiarelli said a couple of weeks ago that he understands the scrutiny that he’s been put under by ownership and upper management as a result of the Bruins’ “down year.”

But at least one Eastern Conference GM doesn’t understand it at all, telling TSN’s Darren Dreger, “I can’t believe the heat he’s taking – it’s ridiculous. … There’s no question Chiarelli (if he were to be fired) would have a chance to work as soon as he wanted to.”

Now, to be sure, Chiarelli has opened himself up to criticism. Boston’s GM since 2006 has taken some gambles in recent seasons that haven’t paid off in a championship. And, yes, he’s the one who’s responsible for the “cap crunch” that made it “tough” to improve his team at the deadline

Chiarelli has also been criticized for trading away Tyler Seguin and Johnny Boychuk, and Boston’s drafting under his watch has been questionable.

At the same time…

—Stanley Cup champs in 2011
—Stanley Cup finalists in 2013
—Presidents’ Trophy winners in 2014

There are worse résumés out there.

Hence, the Eastern Conference GM’s belief that, should Chiarelli lose his job, “He’s a guy who would have enough interest from other teams, he will be able to sit and wait until there’s a right fit and there will be more than one offer.”

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