Apparently Sharks fans are upset enough to wear paper bags on their heads


Being a San Jose Sharks fan has to be challenging.

As good-to-great as the team has been for more than a decade, they’ve also suffered some cruel defeats, and that can’t be easy to deal with. It’s been a frustrating season, too, as the franchise is seemingly mired in an identity crisis thanks in large part to that “reverse sweep” against the Los Angeles Kings.

Still, the Sharks aren’t that far from a wild card spot – Sports Club Stats give them a 17.5 percent chance to make the playoffs, which isn’t ideal but at least gives them a shot – so seeing San Jose fans wearing paper bags on their heads comes off as a touch melodramatic.

The Mercury News’ Curtis Pashelka caught three Sharks fans doing just that:

Three fans don’t represent an entire group, just like Maple Leafs fans shouldn’t be judged solely on a few jersey-chucking tantrums.

It’s mostly an amusing sight, although it does highlight the angst of fans of the Sharks, not just members of the team and front office.

(H/T to Chemmy.)

Update: The Sharks looked pretty impressive on Monday, beating the Montreal Canadiens 4-0. Perhaps the bags came off at some point?