Report: Bruins balked at asking price for Vermette


Sports are full of interesting “What if?” questions, and it sounds like armchair GMs can add “What if the Boston Bruins traded for Antoine Vermette?” to that list.

The Bruins were intrigued about the forward, but ultimately balked at throwing the first-round pick the Chicago Blackhawks ultimately gave up to get him, according to report by’s Joe Haggerty.

In some ways, the 32-year-old seems like a great fit for Boston. He can win faceoffs and score in decent quantities.

That said, the Blackhawks have more motivation to go “all-in” while the Bruins don’t exactly know where their first-rounder will fall just yet. Beyond that, many think that the Blackhawks paid far too much for Vermette:

Many others may only weigh in on this rumor with hindsight. If Boston misses the playoffs, some may say that Vermette would have put them over the top. Then again, if he underwhelms in Chicago, others will claim that Boston dodged a sizable bullet.

Then again, maybe the real question is: will this keep the door open for a different Bruins trade?