Trotz doesn’t see a ‘big, sexy, difference-maker guy’ on the market


With Monday’s trade deadline looming, Capitals coach Barry Trotz is sounding like a lot of hockey fans who are hoping for some excitement but preparing for…meh.

“The pending guys all rumored, there’s not a lot of names out there,” Trotz said, per the Washington Post. “There’s been years where there’s been an absolute ton of names. This year there’s not that many. People are getting excited for mid-range players. There’s no star player…that’s not downgrading any of the players who have been traded. There’s not that big, sexy, difference-maker guy out there. It’s good players, just not difference-makers.”

No disrespect to Antoine Vermette or Jeff Petry, but Trotz isn’t wrong. With all the uncertainty surrounding next season’s salary cap, it seems unlikely we’ll see a real blockbuster go down in the next few days.

Fingers crossed for something big and sexy though!

That came out wrong.

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