Trotz says Ovechkin was given ‘some bad advice…in how they wanted him to play’


Just reading between the lines, it sure doesn’t sound like Barry Trotz thinks too highly of what previous coaching staffs have done for the Washington Capitals.

In particular, Trotz — a guest today on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central — doesn’t believe Alex Ovechkin has received the best guidance over the years.

“There was some bad advice given to Ovi at times, in how they wanted him to play,” he said. “Ovi is a guy that will do what you ask.”

But Trotz also insinuated the Caps, as a team, were crying out for better coaching.

“They wanted structure,” he said. “They wanted accountability. They wanted a lot of different things.”

Translation: before Trotz came aboard, they weren’t getting those things.

Of course, the Caps still haven’t really proven anything under Trotz. It’s the playoffs that will matter.

Something tells us Adam Oates won’t be cheering too hard for them come April.


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