Playoff watch — what the bubble teams need to do


Using Sports Club Stats, here are the records each bubble team needs down the stretch to earn a better-than-50-percent shot of making the playoffs…

Eastern Conference (four bubble teams, one spot available)

Boston Bruins — 11-10-2
Florida Panthers — 14-7-2
Philadelphia Flyers — 14-5-3
Ottawa Senators — 17-6-2

Pretty disappointing weekend for the Panthers, who lost Saturday and Sunday in Ottawa and Pittsburgh, respectively, by a combined score of 9-2. After Boston’s 6-2 win in Chicago, Florida now sits three points back of the B’s, with both teams having played 59 games. Worth mentioning that the Panthers and Bruins play three times down the stretch, so this race isn’t over yet.

Western Conference (eight bubble teams, four spots available)

Vancouver Canucks — 11-11-2
Los Angeles Kings — 11-10-3
Minnesota Wild — 11-10-2
Calgary Flames — 12-10-1
Winnipeg Jets — 11-9-1
San Jose Sharks — 11-6-4
Colorado Avalanche — 15-5-2
Dallas Stars — 14-5-3

Bad loss for the Sharks in Saturday’s outdoor game. Not only did it help the Kings’ cause in a big way, let’s not forget that San Jose has a “pretty grueling schedule” to finish the season, highlighted by a seven-games-in-13-days trip east at the end of March. Meanwhile, the Jets are another team that needs to get back on track. They’ve won just twice in their last five, with both victories coming in the shootout. They kick off a four-game home stand Tuesday versus Dallas.

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