Video: Avs’ MacKinnon snaps slump with his first hat trick


It’s been a highly disappointing season for Colorado Avalanche sophomore Nathan MacKinnon, who many believed was only destined for bigger things after an impressive rookie campaign.

He scored his 10th goal of the season against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday, and while that’s a big letdown of a total, he at least provided quality over quantity. It was a remainder that he’s still really fast and really dangerous:

He came into today with just a five percent shooting success rate, so it’s obvious puck luck hasn’t gone his way. If that wasn’t obvious with that stat, he also hadn’t collected a goal since Jan. 17.

Whether the bounce back comes soon or in 2015-16, you get the impression that this slow second season will just be a bump in the road.

Update:¬†MacKinnon did not take long to turn it into his first career hat trick. He didn’t even need three periods to do so:

Boy, has puck luck shifted his way tonight, too: