The Jets should probably knock it off with all the penalties


The NHL’s least disciplined team was at it again last night in Washington, where the Winnipeg Jets surrendered three power-play goals to the Capitals in a 5-1 loss.

“We just let their power play have way too many opportunities,” Jets forward Andrew Ladd said, per the Associated Press. “Every time we got something going we ended up in the box.”

It wasn’t just a one-night thing, either.

Winnipeg has played shorthanded a league-leading 247 times this season. That’s 42 more times than any other team, and an eye-popping 123 times more than the ultra-disciplined Calgary Flames.

If the Jets were great penalty killers, all those trips to the box wouldn’t hurt them so much. But the Jets aren’t great penalty killers, and the 49 power-play goals they’ve allowed is proof. In their last four games, they’ve allowed nine.

At the very least, against the Capitals, they could’ve taken some intimidation-type penalties, in line with the big, bad reputation they seem to have embraced.

“We stopped being physical. We took five tripping penalties and I’ve never seen that before. That’s a first for any team I’ve ever seen,” said coach Paul Maurice, per the Winnipeg Sun.