McDavid says playing for the Leafs ‘would be an absolute dream come true’


Even if the Toronto Maple Leafs don’t end up winning the draft lottery and selecting phenom Connor McDavid first overall, you should probably go ahead and put this in the ol’ memory bank.

From the Toronto Sun:

Chuckling out loud during a one-on-one sitdown with Sun Media, McDavid is recounting a text he received from a friend on Friday night that included a photo of two kids from Ottawa wearing customized ‘McDavid 97’ Maple Leafs jerseys.

“It’s pretty crazy to even think about,” McDavid said, referring to the possibility of being a Leaf one day. “But that would be an absolute dream come true.”

McDavid was a Leafs fan growing up in Newmarket, so it’s no surprise he’d say such a thing. But remember, this is a market that took four words from Markham native Steven Stamkos — “We’ll see what happens” — and hasn’t stopped talking about the possibility of Stamkos bolting from Tampa Bay in 2016.

Say, when can McDavid become an unrestricted free agent anyway?

P.S. — Based on their current points percentage, the Leafs are on track to finish 26th overall, which would give them an 8.5 percent chance of winning the lottery.