Alex Ovechkin’s All-Star car to be raffled off to benefit special hockey


We now know why Alex Ovechkin wanted a car so badly during All-Star weekend last month.

Ovechkin’s new car will now be raffled off by the American Special Hockey Association, which was created in 2000 for players with developmental disabilities. The idea for raffling off the car came after the 29-year-old Ovechkin met 10-year-old Ann Schaab of the Washington Ice Dogs, one of the local special hockey teams, back in September.

“People were wondering why I wanted to win a car,” Ovechkin said, as per the ASHA. “It wasn’t for me – I wanted to support Ann and her teammates. When Honda connected with my agent and found out why I wanted it, they gave me the car.”

Ovechkin caused plenty of good laughs during the All-Star draft, two days before the game, when he lobbied to be the last overall selection, which would’ve earned him a new Honda.

He was taken late in the draft, but not at the end, though he never initially told anyone why he wanted the car or what his intention was.

“We are incredibly grateful to Alex,” said Mike Hickey, president of ASHA.

“Our motto is ‘where every player is a star.’ Alex is a truly a star, and through his generosity, he’s giving a lot of children a chance to shine.”