Kane’s agent bristles at notion surgery was chosen to stick it to Jets


Craig Oster didn’t want to comment on what exactly happened Tuesday when his client, Evander Kane, was absent for the Winnipeg Jets’ game in Vancouver.

But in an interview with Sportsnet’s FAN 590 radio, Oster did bristle at the notion — one that was raised by Free Press reporter Gary Lawless — that Kane’s decision to have shoulder surgery was evidence that the team and player were at odds.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said Oster. “I don’t think any person, let alone player, wants to have surgery. This isn’t an insignificant surgery. This is a significant surgery.

“We’re hopeful and assuming that it all goes well. But if it doesn’t, it’s a significant issue in Evander’s career. So there’s no impetus here for Evander to get surgery, other than completely health-related.”

Still, people will wonder about the timing. If Kane was healthy enough to play Tuesday, why isn’t he healthy enough to play now?

This is admittedly just speculation, but perhaps Kane knew he needed the surgery at some point, be it now or during the offseason. And after what transpired Tuesday, he was convinced to do it now as opposed to playing through the pain on a team he didn’t want to be a part of anymore.

At any rate, Oster couldn’t say when Kane would speak to reporters and share his side of the story. The surgery will apparently take place either tomorrow or the next day, so don’t hold your breath for an availability anytime too soon.