Bettman to attend Vegas ticket drive kickoff presser


On Tuesday, the Hockey Vision Las Vegas group will hold a press conference to officially launch its season ticket deposit campaign, and will have a fairly influential individual in attendance.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will be in town for the presser, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Bettman’s presence comes just months after he and the league greenlit Bill Foley — who, along with the Maloof brothers, is spearheading the proposed expansion franchise — to run a ticket drive in order to gauge the area’s interest in hockey.

The drive’s goal is to sell at least 10,000 season tickets; in a recent release, the Las Vegas group said prices will range between $150-$900 per seat at the under-construction MGM arena, which will have an estimated capacity of 17,500 for hockey.

But the Vegas group already has a leg up on season ticket sales. From Yahoo:

The potential owners started with the idea of a Founding 50 – 50 people who would commit to buying or finding buyers for 60 season tickets each. They now have a Founding 75 that is actually a Founding 83. If those founders come through, that’s almost 5,000 season tickets right there.

Foley said a lot of founders had made 10-year commitments and bought at high price points, averaging $130 or $140 a ticket. He said they also had bought suites. The arena will have 44 suites, plus eight bunker suites near the ice. Half of the 44 suites have already been sold and the eight bunker suites have been sold out – all with multi-year commitments.

“I mean, I’m not cocky, but it’s going pretty well,” Foley said. “And we haven’t started.”

Foley also noted that approximately 6,500 people submitted their contract information through the website, and none of those people had been sold tickets yet.