Gordie Howe’s family raves about his ‘fantastic’ progress


Gordie Howe’s son Dr. Murray Howe told NHL Live that his father’s recovery from a stroke – aided by stem cell treatments – is unlike anything he’s seen in 28 years of practicing medicine.

“He’s doing very, very well,” Dr. Murray Howe said. “He has good days and bad days like anybody who’s 86 [years old], but overall he’s heading in the right direction really every day, a little bit better. He had his stem cell treatment Dec. 8 and really since that time he’s just been doing fantastic.”

He even notes that¬†Gordie’s sons having been able to play hockey, throw a football and kick a soccer ball with him, which must be stunning considering the fact that he was bedridden not that long ago.

This week marks a significant step forward beyond “Mr. Hockey” putting on some needed weight since those health issues cropped up: he’s expected to make a public appearance at a fundraiser involving Wayne Gretzky.

“Mr. Hockey will be in Saskatoon as of Thursday afternoon,” Dr. Murray Howe said. “We’re looking forward to reconnecting with Wayne. We’re trying to raise some money for Alzheimer’s research. It should be a great event.

“Even before my dad’s stroke, we never thought he would make another appearance again. The fact that he will be there is incredible in of itself.”

Check out the full NHL Live appearance below: